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The firm offers legal services in compliance with all the valid statutory and ethical professional principles applicable to legal advisers and attorneys-at-law. Detailed terms of service, especially including the financial conditions and settlement methods, are set out in short agreements made with the clients before any activity starts. The settlement methods used in the Firm (flat-rate, hourly, mixed or other billing forms) are aligned with the specific nature, difficulty and time required to perform specific acts or handle the case, as well as the client’s situation. They may therefore be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. If hourly rates are charged, the Firm notifies the client of the amount, as well as of the expected approximate duration of a particular act or case, wherever possible. The partners and legal team are covered by obligatory civil liability insurance in compliance with the regulations applicable to particular legal professions. Independently of the above, the firm also takes out voluntary insurance policies for particular services/cases. The firm is a VAT payer who maintains comprehensive bookkeeping and issues VAT invoices, as well as receipts (for cash payments) to its clients. Expenses are settled on the basis of credit notes. Upon clients’ request, the firm generates detailed reports on the activities performed in a particular billing period. The firm uses various methods of communication with clients, depending on current needs and arrangements made with them. It may also provide services using remote means of communication, provided that relevant principles of security, professional secrecy and client’s data protection are complied with. The firm protects all the information and personal data it is provided with in accordance with its internal security policy, as well as applying legal, mechanical and digital protection measures.

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